Radio Spots That WORK!



What would a Radio commercial be with out a Voice Actor that understands the importance of connecting to the target audience?  I understand we are all in sales, when it comes to radio commercials. My job is to tell client’s story in an effective and meaningful way, so that their target audience hears the message. In that effort, the clients I work with are partners and not just another business.


So when it comes to your radio spots, it is all about customer service. That means you can relax! Once you have sent me the script, I will work with you to get it right for you and your target audience.

Television Commercials

When it comes to TV spots, all to often the pictures are there, but the audio track seems like an afterthought. They don’t plan it that way, there is just a disconnect between the writer, the video editor and the Voice Over person. When I approach a TV spot, the first thing I do is read the video instructions. That way, I get a feel for where the spot is going, I find the mood and the feel. By taking this approach, I can deliver a Voice Over that works with the music and sound effects; not against them. This allows the writer’s envisioned story to come to life through the help of the editors and producers.

When you have a TV spot or corporate video, let me help by giving you an audio track that enhances your vision.



Station Imaging

What’s between the songs or the shows is just as important as the songs or shows themselves. You want your audience to know what station and shows they are watching or listening too!

I like to get a feel of the music, the tone of the talk show and listener reactions, or the creator’s vision before I do a station’s
imaging. This allows me to deliver your message as you planned!

[ If you are looking for a person to produce the the audio tracks, I can do that as well. ]




On Hold Messages

When your callers are put on hold, phoneyou have an opportunity. An opportunity to let person on hold know exactly how you can help them, by telling them more about the services you offer or by giving them tips that involve your services or products.


When it comes to your on hold messages it doesn’t have to be the same old bland narration. It can be just as creative as a commercial or movie, just as long as your message is clearly understood. And their is a positive side, people won’t mind being put on hold as long as they are getting something out of it.